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At XtendApp, we create smart web solutions that can and will open up your business to new possibilities.

Engaging Users With 
Alternative Solutions to Their Everyday Needs

We are in the business of finding solutions to all your digital problems. As a customer-centric development company, we are committed to creating applications that make routine online tasks simpler. In other words, we set you up for success. 

Think smart, effortless, quick fixes – think XtendApp.

XtendApp Helps You Upload & Display PDFs Like A Pro
But That’s Not Just What Makes Our PDF Viewer A Class Apart

Ease Of Use

We’re particular about user-friendliness and so the XtendApp PDF viewer is easy to use despite its various features. 

The dynamic user interface is easy to navigate, highly functional, and responsive on different types of devices.
Selected Layouts

Choose from several page layout options for an optimal viewing or reading experience at all times. 
Advanced Security

Ensure your content is safe by controlling who downloads, copies, or prints your documents. 

Here’s Why You Can Count On XtendApp

We’re Transparent 

Every time you choose an app developed by us, you know exactly what’s on offer and how it is going to help you from the get-go. 

We Deliver As Promised 

We believe in delivering quality service to our customers. You won’t get any fake promises from us. 

We Strive For Flawless Executions

We’re extremely skilled at what we do. Every solution we offer is a product of hours of R&D, repeated quality checks, and testing.

We’re Here To Empower You 

We focus on creating the best solutions to problems and our apps come with exceptional functionalities you wouldn’t find elsewhere.