PDF Viewer

Make The Most of Your Documents in Real-Time

Equipped with a flawless user interface supplemented by a Side Menu Bar, XtendApp is a seamless solution to all your PDF-related issues.

Why Should You Try the XtendApp PDF Viewer App?

Because it is seamless, efficient, and functional.  Equipped with a flawless user interface aided by a Side Menu Bar and other features, our app can be added as an extension to any website in a few clicks and enables you to perform a plethora of tasks effortlessly.


Our JavaScript coded PDF Viewer offers a dynamic user interface that is easy on the eye, simple to navigate, and highly functional.


Keep tabs on content that is a hit among your website visitors and also keep track of your views and total downloads.


A versatile PDF Viewer with a Full-Screen Mode option, it is equally responsive on laptops, desktops, tablets as well as mobiles.


The Text-Only feature prevents website visitors from copying your content. Also, control who downloads or prints your document. Keep your data and content safe and secure. 


Especially useful for users with cognitive disabilities who can enable the “Read Out Loud” text-to-speech feature to automatically playback written text as spoken words.

PDF Made Easy 

Download any PDF by the Download button on top of the PDF Viewer. You can choose to download the entire PDF in

Send your PDF to print by clicking on the “Print” button on the top right corner. You can print the entire PDF or just a few pages depending on your need. 

Search for text/numbers/words in the PDF by typing it in the Search Box on the top left corner of your PDF Viewer and press enter.

Find occurrences of matching words in the entire PDF, irrespective of their case by selecting the Match Case and Whole Words boxes.

Click on the Zoom In or Zoom Out button to make your PDF text appear bigger or smaller. Click in succession until you’ve zoomed in or out to your satisfaction.

Navigate to the previous page by clicking on the Up arrow button and to the next page by clicking on the Down arrow button on top.

Continue clicking till you reach your desired page number.

Get into fullscreen mode by clicking on the Fullscreen button and transition your PDF into Full-Screen View.

Not sure of the PDF contents? Click on the “Thumbnail” button to get a thumbnail view of the entire PDF.

Select the text where you want to add a bookmark. Now click on the “Bookmark” button and add your selected text.

Open the PDF Viewer app and click on the “Attachment” button in the left-hand side Toolbar. Add your PDF, word doc, or any other file by simply clicking on this button.

Attach or upload new PDFs to the PDF Viewer by simply dragging and dropping any new PDF in the widget window.

Choose which functionalities to activate and which ones to deactivate in one click in the buttons section.

Edit and optimize your PDF layout by picking a suitable option from our range of options to find your best fit.

Click on the Side Toolbar icon to open or hide it at your convenience. 

Watermark your PDF with your company/brand logo/stamp, etc. by clicking on the Add Watermark button.

*Please note that the free version watermark will be seen in the trial version of the app and can only be removed once you upgrade your plan.

Once you have clicked on the “Add Watermark” button, you can adjust the text color, transparency, etc. from the slider bar. 

Click on the Setting icon to open or hide it at your convenience. Preview setting or set default styles by clicking on the options listed in the Settings menu.

Go to General Settings and choose from Hyperlink/Text Selection/Autozoom/Initial Page to enable these features in both PC and mobile view.

All General Settings can be customized for either both PC and mobile options or just one depending upon your preference.

Click on the Stats tab to get the total number of times your PDF has been viewed and downloaded.